Greenhouse Publications provides learn-to-read materials for special education, as well as communication boards for hospital workers and first responders.

How To Use Interactive Reading Books

These books have been designed to be used on many levels. Pre-schoolers, kindergarteners, early elementary, general and special education children can all participate in the joy of learning how to read!


Begin by removing the library of picture pages from the front of the book and lay them out on your workspace. Leave the sentence pages on the binding rings.

The instructions in each book may vary slightly, depending on the topic. There are 7 levels to work on in each book.

LEVEL 1. Matching - Remove the picture cards from the library pages and have the child return them by matching picture-to-picture.

LEVEL 2. Matching unlike pictures - In the "What Color Is It?" book, have the child match a color square to an item (ex. Put the 'green' color square on the 'green hat' picture.) In the "How Many?" book, have him match a number card to a picture with the same number of items. (ex. Put the 'two shoes' card on the number '2' card.)

LEVEL 3. Picture identification - Ask the child to give you or point to a named picture.

LEVEL 4. Picture labeling - Hold up a picture and ask the child, "What is it?" The child may respond verbally or use sign language. If the child is non-verbal, label the picture for the child to reinforce their receptive language.


LEVEL 5. Sequencing - Read a sentence aloud while pointing to the words and the squares where the pictures should go. Remove the correct picture cards for the sentence you have just read and give the pictures to the child to put in the squares. Assist as needed. Re-read the sentence with the pictures together.

LEVEL 6. Reading with pictures - For children who have learned to identify the pictures, leave the cards on the library pages. Read a sentence aloud and ask the child to locate, remove and place the pictures on the correct squares. Have him read and touch the picture sentence while you point to the corresponding words above. If a child does not have speech, reread the sentence to him to reinforce his receptive language.

LEVEL 7. Reading without pictures - When a child can consistently read each sentence without the pictures, take the sentences off the binder rings and rearrange their order. Instruct him to reread the sentences. This will determine if he is reading the words or has just memorized the sentence order. Provide more practice as needed.

When you are done, have the children return the picture cards to the llibrary pages by matching picture-to-picture, Enjoy!